Defence Is Boring


here’s both of them together for all your achievement hunter needs


neo (▰˘◡˘▰)


neo (▰˘◡˘▰)


This episode made up for every single bad thing that happened this week. (x)

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bloody mary… bloody mary…  biggie smalls…


*-*-*-*-*Commissions!!! (OPEN) *-*-*-*-*-*

Okay guys! So i’m going to start the (super-not)official #AibforRTX2015 fund (HYPEE). I want to make a real effort to save up so I will be able to go and meet with great friends who i’ve made in the community and any of you lovely people who are going next year ;v; And I’d be absolutely grateful if you’d help me get there! 

*Don’t want a commission/cant afford it but still want to donate? You can donate any amount to me at Via Paypal ;v; anything would be greatly appreciated! 

*Signal boosting would also be a great help! <33

*Commission money will also go to food and other essentials but i’m going to mainly be saving up for rtx


  • E-mail me if you’re interested in a commission! ( Please put your Tumblr url in the subject with the word commission in there somewhere so I can keep track of messages (i.e Padalickingood-Commission)
  • When sending payments make sure it’s under ‘pay for goods and services’, and check ‘services’ if possible . There is a small fee that paypal will charge so you will need to account for that when making a payment
  • References of any kind for your commission would be greatly appreciated it! If you don’t have any visual references a detailed description including a small personality description for oc’s work just as well UvU
  • I won’t draw: intense gore, nsfw, or RT ships sorry (teams are fine though). I may add to list in case i’m missing something
  • I’m going to try and stick to the format of the drawings above, but if you’d like something more detailed like a sketch dump, character reference sheet, twitter/yt banner etc. Please let me know and I would be happy to negotiate details UvU 


AND that should be it!







Please Signal Boost and thank you again!! (◡‿◡✿)





do i have a crush on you or am i just lonely

do i like you or do i like that you like me

do I like you or do I like the idea of you

do i want to be in a relationship or do i just want to prove that i’m worthy of one